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Tipiak Garlic Croutons


When tasting your soup, add a few croutons to the surface and enjoy all the crispness of Tipiak.

  • 75g or 220g
  • Garlic Croutons
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Tipiak Garlic Croutons

Simple and real ingredients!

Tipiak has always perpetuated a real know-how of bread making. Using French wheat flour, their 80 employees in Pont l’Evêque (14) knead, shape and bake thin baguettes that are finally sliced ​​into delicious croutons.

Guaranteed without palm oil and without preservatives.

An openness to cultures and cuisines from here and elsewhere!

A healthy, easy and comforting meal: the soup invites itself to all the tables and Tipiak makes it even more delicious thanks to the croutons grilled in the oven!

Guaranteed fun!

Thanks to its unique know-how, Tipiak always offers more indulgence with a recipe rich in seeds, with French wheat and an oven-roasted Normandy production for golden and crunchy Nature croutons.

List of ingredients provided for information only. Only the list of ingredients provided on the product packaging is authentic. Please read it before any consumption, especially if you are at risk of allergies. 

Wheat flour (78%) ( gluten ), sunflower oil, dehydrated devitalized wheat germ sourdough ( gluten ), salt, wheat bran ( gluten ), wheat gluten ( gluten ), poppy seed (0.65%), chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) (0.62%), red quinoa (0.56%), linseed and brown seeds (0.56%), yeast, turmeric concentrate, Traces of milk .

Nutritional Information per 100g:

Crispy bread croutons With a good taste of Garlic