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Chicco Write & Read Blackboard


The first electronic LCD blackboard with a set of paper cards to train pre-writing skills and learn to write the letters and the numbers.

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Chicco Read & Write Board

PRE-WRITING PATHS: 6 cards printed front and back with paths of increasing difficulty that the child can follow with the included pencil to achieve objectives and move his hand and wrist correctly

ALPHABET AND NUMBERS: The game also includes 3 cards dedicated to the alphabet and numbers, to help the child learn to write the letters of the alphabet and the numbers from 0 to 9

FREE DRAWING: The slate is designed to let children express all their creativity: they have fun drawing and writing what they want on the LCD screen, erasing it and starting over

ERASABLE BOARD: Thanks to LCD technology, just press the appropriate button to erase the contents on the whiteboard; by activating the padlock on the back, however, the content becomes non-erasable

SPECIAL PENCIL: The game includes a special pencil suitable for the hands of little ones; it will be so easy to hold to help them in their first approach to writing