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Chicco Count & Sum Abacus


The first evolutive talking math toy to learn how to count and sum.

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Chicco Count & Sum Abacus

Count & Sum Abacus is the Chicco game designed to guide children in the discovery of the wonderful world of mathematics. Develops STEM skills and is inspired by Montessori teaching method, to support the proper development of children through multi-sensory experience, self-corrective activities and self-free expression.
Equipped with talking function, 10 lights, 10 electronic rings and 10 3D numbers, it offers an evolutionary path with three game modes for children from 2 to 6 years old: the toy guides them step by step in learning quantities, sums and finally responding to mathematical quizzes.

Children learn about quantities through the movement of rings, which help the little ones count and make the sum. Later, they get used to recognizing numbers and figures and can replicate sums with 3D numbers. Finally, they test the skills learned through lots of fun quizzes. Each game mode can be played both with the rings, indicated for the youngest, and with the 3D numbers, more suitable for children who already recognize and know how to read the figures, in order to accompany all the phases of growth, respecting the different skills.

Count & Sum Abacus is equipped with an innovative quadrilingual function developed by Chicco: by pressing the button with the globe, you can change the language of the game from Italian to English, French and German, in order to develop language skills, in addition to mathematics and logic. Like a real abacus, you can play on the table and on the floor, standing with the rear supports to interact better with the 10 rings, or resting it on the ground for an optimal gaming experience with 3D numbers.

Game developed in collaboration with the National Association of Italian Pedagogists (ANPE) to adapt to every child, according to his needs and abilities.
Dimensions: 30x22x14. Works with 3 AA batteries (included).