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Weaning Bundle (Save 20%)


This Weaning Bundle contains:

  • Kiddylicious Banana Wafers Multipack 40g
  • Kiddylicious Strawberry Wafers Multipack 40g
  • Kiddylicious Fruity Banana Puffs Multipack
  • Ella’s Kitchen Apples Apples Apples 70g
  • Ella’s Kitchen Bananas Bananas Bananas 70g
  • Ella’s Kitchen Sweet Potatoes 70g
  • Ella’s Kitchen Apples & Strawberries Baby Food Pouch 4+ months 120g
  • Ella’s Kitchen Apples & Bananas Baby Food Pouch 4+ months 120g
  • Organix Baby Rice 100g
  • Organix Fruity Apple Porridge 120g
  • Organix Melty Sweetcorn Rings 20g
  • Organix Melty Carrot Puffs 20g
  • Organix Mango, Pear & Granola Pouch 100g
  • Organix Apple, Strawberry & Blueberry Pouch 100g
  • Chicco spoon
  • Weaning discount card
  • Weaning booklet
  • Organix bib

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