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Toni & Guy Shimmering Silver Illuminating Hair Perfume 50ml


Toni & Guy Shimmering Silver Illuminating Hair Perfume gives your hair a 4D boost on the go with one spray.

Toni & Guy Shimmering Silver Illuminating Hair Perfume enhances your hairs’ fragrance, smoothness, sparkle and shine. The iconic Toni & Guy scent, a sophisticated blend of zesty and citrus florals, revitalises your hairs’ fragrance and ensures long lasting shine. The suspended silver glitter in the Toni&Guy Shimmering Silver Illuminating Hair Perfume unlocks serious sparkle when sprayed onto hair, enhancing your hairs’ glow.

Use Toni & Guy Shimmering Silver Illuminating Hair Perfume to take your look to the next level, by misting over hair after styling creating the perfect finish for any look.

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Toni & Guy believes that you shouldn’t have to choose between hair that looks great and hair that is healthy. With 50 years of salon experience, it created an expertly crafted range of products that will leave your hair looking strong, healthy and salon approved.

With presence backstage at some of the most exciting fashion shows, and with the 4 fabulous style collections infused with backstage know-how; Casual, Classic, Glamour & Creative, Toni & Guy products promise to take your style to a whole new level, offering products for all hair types and textures.

The brand was founded in 1963 in Clapham, South London, and has now grown into a multinational company comprising of numerous salons and academies worldwide and a growing portfolio of associated companies. Throughout the years, the brand has won numerous prestigious awards and has claimed worldwide recognition. Toni & Guy celebrates individuality, empowering you to express your style through hair and fashion and to create your look from the hair down.

That look doesn’t happen by accident. Whether you prefer a messy out-of-bed look or a polished style, Toni and guy men product range helps you create your look from the hair down. Inspired by backstage know-how, Toni & Guy men’s range offers shampoos and styling products for all hair looks.

Give your hair the attention it deserves with our range of shampoos and conditioners suitable for your hair type. Pair with a styling product from one of our styling ranges – texture, smooth or volume to create a style and complete your look. Give your hair a style to turn heads!

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