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Santero 958 Fragolino 75cl


  • 75cl
  • 6.5% ABV
  • From Veneto, Italy

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Santero 958 Fragolino

Santero 958 was born from a winning idea: to give identity and creativity to a new concept of bubbles. Quality, originality, the desire to dare, to share, to go beyond the rules, to remember the roots and transform them into wings to discover other territories without forgetting one’s own history. Santero 958 is all this and much more!

Santero 958 Fragolino is the new flavor flavored with berries that takes up the tradition. A bouquet of floral scents, a range of fresh fruit flavors and the pleasant bubbles signed Santero 958 are the basis of a way of drinking fresh and enriched by the selection of the best wines and musts and with that innovation that only Santero 958 bubbles have .