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Knorr Stock Cubes Pork 8 Pcs


Enhance a variety of pork dishes simply by adding a Knorr Pork Stock Cube. Made with carefully selected herbs and spices, it will help release the natural flavour of your pork. For a simple but tasty twist, mix your stock cube with chopped sage leaves and a little olive oil and spread over pork chops before frying.

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Knorr Pork Stock Cubes 80g

Need a gluten free stock cube that gives you rich flavour for your Pork dishes? Use a Knorr Pork Stock Cube. Our Pork Stock Cubes offer a carefully selected blend of herbs, seasonings and meat that delicately enhance the natural flavours of your dish. TOP TIP: Bring out the best in your pork chops with a gluten free Knorr Pork Stock cube. Mix the cube with chopped sage and season your meat for a delicious dinner.

  • Free from artificial colours
  • NO added MSG
  • Gluten Free
  • Suitable for a lactose free diet


Serving Size 100
Servings Per Container 36
Per 100g
Calories 5
Fat 0.5
Total Fat 0.5
Saturated Fat 0.3
Salt 0.9
Total Carbohydrate 0.4
Sugars 0.1
Protein 0.3

How To Use:

Dissolve the cube into 450ml of boiling water.

Add the cube directly into the dish.

Mix the cube with a little olive oil and rub into meat.