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Isle of Harris Gin 70cl


The award-winning Isle of Harris Gin is the first spirit release from their distillery.

A beautifully designed bottle captures the elemental nature of the Isle of Harris, while its contents reward the discerning gin drinker with maritime pleasures.

The inclusion of local, hand-harvested Sugar Kelp speaks of our island’s deep connections to the sea while working with eight other carefully chosen botanicals.


  • 45% ABV
  • 700ml
  • From the Isle of Harris, Scotland

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Isle of Harris Gin is a luxuriously smooth and complex spirit of superior quality, perfect to sip on its own, enjoy over ice or in a classic Martini.

It is made with with nine carefully chosen ingredients, each lending their own individual characteristics, and all sourced with exceptional attention to detail.

Sugar Kelp plays the starring role, bringing a complex, maritime edge. Juniper berries provide the dry gin character familiar to us all, giving green notes of leaf and pine. Coriander seeds provide citrus and spice flavours, with discreet orange and grapefruit twists. Cassia bark lends a gentle bitterness to the mix, as well as bringing the welcome warmth of cinnamon and a degree of mixed spice. Angelica root gives some sweet floral notes and adds to the wider green grassy and herbal aspects of the spirit.

Bitter orange peel, paradoxically, adds both bitter and sweet tastes and is very important in adding to the citrus flavours we love. Cubebs (an Indonesian spice) give a peppery flavour with an almost ginger-like note, as well as contributing to the overall complexity. Liquorice root is not added in sufficient quantities to give a direct anise flavour. Instead, it builds on the sweetness.  Finally, Orris root brings it all together, smoothing and integrating the other botanicals to ensure a well-rounded finish to the disparate flavours.

Tasting Notes

On the Nose:

A well-defined juniper note with pine needles, immediately followed by the fresh citrus notes of bitter orange, lime and grapefruit. Develops a complex floral note of rose and wallflowers with crushed green herbs, coriander and gooseberry all underpinned by mixed spice. Sugar Kelp adds to the complexity and richness and gives a dry maritime note.

On the Palate:

Refreshing, with good balance between the bitter juniper and pine and the sweet fruit flavours of mango, grapefruit and orange. A green herb flavour of crushed coriander develops. Distinctive and smooth with a dry, flinty taste.

On the Finish:

Overall a long, clean finish. As the juniper and citrus fade away, sweet vanilla and black pepper remain with a gentle reminder of the sea.

Isle of Harris Gin Ingredients:

Made with 9 carefully chosen botanicals.

  • Outer Hebridean Sugar Kelp Seaweed
  • Macedonian Juniper Berries
  • English Coriander Seed
  • Cubebs/ Javan Pepper
  • Bitter Orange Peel
  • Angelica Root
  • Cassia Bark
  • Orris Root
  • Liquorice Root