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Aquamassage Back Scrubber


Aquamassage Back Scrubber is an ergonomic bath brush, perfect for a pleasant massage during your bath or to help you better clean your back.

Stimulates blood microcirculation. Use the Back Scrubber 3/4 times a week.

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Imported directly from Arix S.p.A –  a leading Italian company that designs develops, manufactures and sells products for personal care and hygiene – the Aqua Massage product range offers a vast choice of personal care product which are used for personal hygiene and a good dose of indulgence.

As a company, Arix is fully dedicated and focused on consumer needs and lifestyle changes.  The vast selection of high quality products that form part of the Aqua Massage brand range from massage sponges, bath sponges, facial cleansing sponges as well as hygiene products specifically developed and designed for babies and kids.